what is openlocalhost?

an open-source hybrid web application that blends the highly efficient, straight-forwardness of a wiki with the higher-level tools and administration of a conventional content management system.
OLH is an intelligent solution to the problems facing developers who want simple, effective means of managing content without using a heavy, often costly CMS, while still retaining a more advanced level of administration than typically offered by wiki software.

Every feature of conventional site building is available, so-much-less the difficulty and rigidity. Being tied down to proprietary software, expensive suites and cumbersome platforms can be frustrating and ineffective, so now there's this new, lightweight and fully customisable alternative. openlocalhost.


OLH is back under the knife as of July 2009, and major developments will be made to the software’s underlying codebase, as well as this site’s cosmetic features. We are looking forward to joining forces with new developers and sponsors for this season of coding, and implore anyone interested in the project to send us a message and let us know how you would like to help.


As of version three, openlocalhost is built on top of the remarkable application framework CodeIgniter, from EllisLab. CodeIgniter is, in its own words, “an open source web application framework that helps you write kick-ass PHP programs”. CodeIgniter provides the basics: security, database integration, URI shemes. This allows our focus to be solely on what’s important: content management. Details about the application flow, and about the software in general, will be available soon.


NEW: You are now viewing the new design prototype for localhost. Bugs abound, please inform us of any issues you have with the layout.
Also, we are implementing a new WYSIWYG editor and file management interface for localhost.

Plea: localhost is a community project. Because of this, it is integral to our mission that any issues with the software be reported immediately. Requests for features and improvements, as well as comments and suggestions should be forwarded to an administrator or developer right away as well. We love to hear from you, and you are the people who can make a difference.
So do it!